Thank you, volunteers!

During the last year, June 2011 to May 2012, we have welcomed many wonderful people as online volunteer researchers at Living Tongues! Most of them have been involved doing online data entry and research for our database on endangered languages. We have been lucky to work with talented, passionate individuals from all over the world who hail from diverse fields such as linguistics, anthropology and other social sciences, information technology, literature, classics, communications, computer science, history, international development and many other fields.

The volunteers were selected based on the quality of their applications. They worked from home or from school, collaborated with us online through email and Skype, many of them also helped us spread the word about our campaigns through social media. Our volunteers so far have been undergraduate students, doctoral candidates, professors, media professionals, humanitarian aid workers, and people in many other lines of work who are concerned about language endangerment. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for taking the time to do research on endangered languages, and contribute to raising awareness about language extinction. From all of us at Living Tongues,


We would like to recognize our volunteers (those who worked at different times between June 2011 – May 2012) for their efforts by listing their names below, according to the areas of the world that they worked on within our database:

North America: Sharina Kim, Eleanor Ellis, Kim Cooper, Ellen Olson, Emmy Haskett, Patricia Blatter, Rachel Maynard, Brittany Williams.

Latin America: Eleanor Pollo, Laura Backus, Molly Allison-Baker, Tanager, Natalie Feingold, Kaitlin Caruso, Eleanor Ellis, Rebecca Orford, Megan Barnett, Katie Lackler, Denis Vidal, Olga Izquierdo Sotorrio, Kim Factor.

Australia: Michelle Hunsicker, Daniel Sachs, Kate Lynn Lindsey, Rachel Maynard

Eastern Melanesia and Papua New Guinea: Julie Kanakanui, Louward Allen Zubiri and his students at the University of the Philippines, Kristin Denham and her students at Western Washington University, Erik Joel West, Claire Fallat, Lorraine Elletson, Katie Claybough, Sarah Truesdale, Julia MacNeely, Victoria Dwight, Jessica Winters

Taiwan & Phillippines: Priyanka Sinha, Murray Tong, Louward Allen Zubiri and his students at the University of the Philippines

Caucasus: Erin Simpson

Siberia: Spencer J. Campbell, Kim Hegerberg

Africa: Rachel Eidson, Riordan Woods, Kristy Spiak

Database logistics and support with guidelines: Kimberly Gladman, David Pippin, Julie Kanakanui.

Other projects: Denice Szafran (resource compiling), Ken-Terika Zellner and David Baxter and their fellow group members (BABEL project on Endangered Numeral Systems of the World).

“International Mother Language Day” events volunteer coordinators: Natalie Feingold, Ken-Terika Zellner, David Baxter.

Volunteer coordination: Anna Luisa Daigneault, Dr. Gregory DS Anderson

Database management: Anna Luisa Daigneault, Jeremy Fahringer, Dr. Gregory D.S. Anderson, Dr. K. David Harrison

We are happy to announce we are welcoming a new team of online volunteer researchers and two new guest bloggers starting in June 2012, and we are looking forward to working with them as well.

For news related to upcoming volunteer positions at Living Tongues, keep track of us on our volunteer information page.


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