Microsoft Adds the Cherokee Language to Windows 8

We would like to express our congratulations to the Cherokee Nation, Microsoft and to Carla Hurd (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Local Language Program) for their collaboration in launching support for the Cherokee language in Windows 8.

Check out the Microsoft Corporate Citizenship blog posting about the launch right here.


In the blog posting, Carla Hurd writes, “Today technology is deeply integrated into our everyday lives – if that technology is not provided in the user’s native tongue, then they will use whatever language is accessible to them. That is why Microsoft believed it was important to work with the Cherokee Nation Language Team on creating access to our products in their language. The journey began over three years ago and as a result, we are pleased to provide a Language Interface Pack (LIP) for Windows in the Cherokee Language.”

The Microsoft Local Language Program provides people access to technology in a familiar language while respecting linguistic and cultural distinctions. The program aims to empower individuals in local communities to create economic opportunities, build IT skills, enhance education outcomes, and sustain their local language and culture.

Check out Dr. K. David Harrison’s video introduction to the Microsoft Local Language Program, which includes clips from the documentary film “The Linguists” (Ironbound Films, 2008).

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