n’debaajaamowin – my story

One of the panelists at this weekend’s event in Montreal, Canada, Vera Wabegijig, wrote an amazing piece about her journey learning her language, Anishnaabemowin. Please read and share.

wild rice dreams

The following is part of a presentation for a panel on ‘Indigenous languages: heritage and spirit at the CFSP 2013. I didn’t have enough time to finish my story so I thought it was necessary to share the whole story.

n’debaajaamowin – my story

as a child i only heard commands: wiisnin! eat! nmaadibin! sit down! this is the language our anishnaabeg gashiwag (mothers – the beings who mean well) used with children. they had a command over children. children were told what to do and not asked if they wanted to do it. this tells me that our mothers were very important and strong with the help from the language. now with the lack or loss of language the mother’s role has changed and that of the roles of the elders as well. many times children of all ages don’t really hear these commands they don’t behave well.

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