Digital Skills Workshops

Indigenous communities around the globe are using technology to help maintain and revitalize their threatened languages and cultures. Thousands of tribal communities, from East Africa to the outback of Australia to the forests of the Northwest Pacific Coast, are creating educational programs to record the stories and oral traditions of their elderly last speakers. Using cameras, film, and audio, community members are creating powerful archives of material, as well as books and dictionaries. Passing the knowledge along to the younger generation has become of paramount importance and urgency.

Living Tongues Institute, where invited, will assist indigenous communities in their efforts to revitalize and maintain their threatened languages. By using appropriate written materials, video, still photography, audio recorders, and computers with customized language software, as well as Internet-accessible archiving where possible, the Living Tongues Institute is helping empower communities to preserve ancient traditions with modern technology. Language Technology Kits have been given to a dozen communities, along with follow-up training and capacity building.

In 2010, we conducted our first Language Revitalization Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We also posted photos from many of the participants digital stories and books. Sante Fe Final Report (PDF)

In December 2011, we conducted a Language Revitalization Workshop in Shillong, Meghalaya, India, that brought together eight young linguists and language activists from across Northeast India. See photos from the workshop and download the full report (PDF).

In January 2013, we conducted a Digital Skills Workshop in Santiago, Chile, that brought together twelve language activists from nine Latin American countries.

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