Danielle Barth
Matukar Panau Project 2010-2011

Ms. BarthDanielle Barth was appointed Living Tongues Institute Fellow in 2010. She spent several months living and working in Matukar assisting in the Matukar Talking Dictionary and Online Grammar Project. She is returning to Matukar in 2011 for another field session where more details of the grammar will be worked out and more forms and media content for the Talking Dictionary will be collected, serving as assistant to the Matukar Project leader Rudolf Raward. Danielle is currently an advanced graduate student in the Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon.

Anna Pucilowski
Ho Language Project 2008-2009

Ms. PucilowskiAnna Pucilowski was the first Living Tongues Institute Fellow appointed in 2008. During 2008-2009, she coordinated and executed the second and most comprehensive stage of the Ho Talking Dictionary and Online Grammar Project, working closely with members of the Ho speaking community of Jharkhand. She has presented and published a range of studies on the Ho language. Anna is an advanced graduate student in the Linguistics Department, University of Oregon. She is currently working on her Ph.D. on the Ho verbal system

Sophie Salffner
Nigeria Projects Coordinator 2012-

Dr. SalffnerSophie Salffner joined the Living Tongues Institute as a Fellow in 2012. Sophie has been working with the Akaan people of Ikakumo (Ondo State, Nigeria) since 2006 to work on the documentation and description of Ikaan, the language of the Akaan. Together, they have published a small book on proverbs, riddles and stories in Ikaan and are now training the children and young people in photography, audio recording and computer skills to help with collecting material on people’s everyday life.

Since she started working in Nigeria, Sophie has been collaborating closely with local colleagues and is now helping Living Tongues to co-coordinate the project activities of the Akoko Languages Talking Dictionaries Project. Sophie is currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.

ikaan317_14Grace Adeola, Ikaan speaker, and Sophie Salffner on a farmwalk to Mrs Adeola’s farm. IIkakumo, Ondo State, Nigeria, 28 June 2012. Photo taken by Fred Adekanye.

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