Past Events, Lectures, and Conferences

Dr. Anderson’s Solo Presentations

2013a. Leipzig. S/TAM/P Morphs in the Macro-Sudan Belt. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

2013b. Orcas Island. Vanishing Languages: The Salish and Northwest Experience. Presented at Crossroads Lecture Series.

2013c. Köln. S/TAM/P morphs in Central Sudanic Languages. Presented at Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium 11.

2012a. Shillong, India. Keynote address AICL. What Munda languages are really like.

2012b. Singapore. ICSTLL. On the Linguistic Pre-history of Kameng region, Arunachal Pradesh

2012c. Singapore. Austroasiatic. Building on-line electronic corpora for Austroasiatic languages of India.

2012d. Paris. Niger-Congress. S/TAM/P morphs in Niger-Congo languages.

20123. Bremen. Linguistic Empires. Hegemony in Native Siberia.

2012f. Linguistic Society of America. Diachronic Templatic Morphology: Munda.

2012g. Northridge, California. Northwest Kamengic

2011a. Helsinki. Split and Split-Doubled Inflection in Auxiliary Verb Constructions

2011b. Portland. Language Endangerment in the Pacific Northwest and Globally.

2011c. Fullerton. Towards an understanding of Koro-Aka Pre-history.

2011d. Eugene. S/TAM/P morphs: a typology

2010a Bødo, Norway. Sleuthing Koro-Aka.

2010b. Eugene, Language Endangerment in the Pacific Northwest and Globally

2009. Koro-Aka. SALA. Denton, Texas

2009. Cognate object constructions in African languages: A preliminary typology. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Feb 2009.

2008b. Issues in comparative Munda and Austroasiatic word structure. Max-Planck Institüt für evolutionäre Antropologie, Leipzig, Germany. October 2008.

2008a. Language Hotspots. Mapping global language diversity and extinction. Presented at Enduring Voices symposium: Links between global biodiversity, mapping, and language extinction, Washington, DC, February 2008.

2007a. Word Domains in Austroasiatic Languages. Conference on Word Domains in South Asian Languages, Leipzig, September 2007.

2007b. Linguistic Diversity in Bolivia and the Bolivian Language Hotspot. Presented at the Ministry of Education and Cultures, La Paz, Bolivia, June 2007.

2007c. Mapping Language Endangerment and Language Diversity: The Eastern Siberia Language Hotspot. American Association for Advancement of Science, San Francisco, February 2007.

2006. Historical Linguistics of Munda Languages. Seminar on Historical Linguistics of Hunter-Gatherer communities. Leipzig, August, 2006.

2005a. A typology of auxiliary verb constructions. Swarthmore College Linguistics Department Seminar.

2005b. Natural Change, Obsolescent Change and Language Contact in Tofa and Middle Chulym. Presented at American Oriental Society, Philadelphia, PA.

2004a. Auxiliary Verb Constructions in Munda Languages. Munda Meeting, Max-Planck Institute. October 2004. Leipzig, Germany.

2004b. Findings from Recent Fieldwork in Siberia. University of Oregon. April, 2004.

2003a. Fieldwork, Ethics and Practicalities. (Postgraduate training course, Northwest Centre for Linguistics). April, 2003. Manchester, UK.

2003b. Structural consequences of language contact and language death in Altai-Sayan Turkic. Symposium on South Siberian Turkic, Frankfurt. July, 2003.

2003c. Phonotactic and Areal Distribution of the velar nasal. Presented at Old World Conference on Phonology, Leiden, January, 2003.

2003d. Inflectional Type in Auxiliary Verb Constructions in Native American Languages. Presented SSILA meeting, Atlanta, January, 2003.

2003e. The role of Tungusic in the formation of the Northeastern Siberian linguistic area. Presented at ICHL, Copenhagen, August, 2003.

2003f. Personal Inflection in Munda in Areal-Typological Perspective. Presented at SALA 23, Austin. October, 2003.

2002a. Dravidian Influence on Munda. Fourth Harvard Round Table on the Ethnogenesis of South and Central Asia. May, 2002.

2002b. Layers of grammaticalization and the non-predictability of grammaticalization paths in language history. Presented at the conference on New Reflections on Grammaticalization 2, Amsterdam, April 2002.

2001a. Tofa and the Tofa Documentation Project. University of Manchester Seminar Series. October, 2001.

2001b. Recent Advances in Proto-Munda Reconstruction. Third Harvard Round Table on the Ethnogenesis of South and Central Asia. May, 2001.

2001c. Language Contact and Macro-Areal Typological Change: Complex Sentence Structure in Siberia/Northern Eurasia. Presented at the 23rd Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft der Sprachwissenschaft, Leipzig, February, 2001.

2001d. Switch Reference in Tofa. Presented at the Conference on Endangered Languages, Helsinki, August, 2001.

Dr. Harrison’s Solo Presentations

Invited Lectures

2012—National Geographic, Smithsonian Institution, Yale Univ., ACTFL, Univ. of Central Arkansas, Clark Univ., Boston Aethenium, Colombia Ministry of Culture, Macalester College, Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Univ. of Utah, Zurich International School, Kathmandu Univ. Nepal, Cal. State Univ. Northridge.

2011—Stanford Univ., Cambridge Univ., Northern Virginia Community College, Jamestown Community College, Univ. of Pennsylvania, International Baccalaureate Conference (Melbourne), Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Microsoft.

2010—International Women’s Forum, Guayaquil, Ecuador; Univ. of Toledo; Univ. of North Carolina, Wilmington; Pomona College; Haverford College; Yale Univ.; Princeton Univ.; Univ. Toronto; Texas A & M Univ.; Montgomery College; Microsoft; National Geographic Society; Univ. Arkansas Little Rock; Northern Virginia Community College.

2009—Oklahoma Museum of Natural History; Univ. Texas Arlington; Apple; National Geographic Society; Swarthmore College; Univ. of Pennsylvania Institute for Research in Cognitive Science; Rutgers Univ.; Dickinson College

2008—National Geographic Society; Pop!Tech; Rosetta Stone Inc.; Ohio State Univ.; Purdue Univ.; Univ. Michigan Flint; Univ. of Chicago; Rutgers Univ.; Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison; Univ. of Hyderabad (India); Guahati Univ. (India); Central High School (Philadelphia, PA); New York Public Library; Univ. Penn Cognitive Science Institute


2009. Native American languages and the global language extinction crisis. (w/David Harrison). Oklahoma Native American Language Symposium. April, 2009.

2008. The value and challenges for smaller languages in global context. University of Pennsylvania. May, 2008.

2007a. Environmentally embedded grammars and how to document them. American Anthropological Association. December, 2007. Washington, DC.

2007b., Knowledge, Sustainability, and the Survival of Small Languages. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). February, 2007. San Francisco, CA.

2006a. Languages are vanishing, as we speak. Modern Language Association. December, 2006. Philadelphia, PA.

2006b. Defining documentary linguistics. Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics. March, 2006. Washington, DC.

2006c. Mapping Variation: Developing a metadata and ontology taxonomy for sociolinguistic variables. (with W. Rivers et al) Linguistic Society of America. January, 2006. Albuquerque, NM.

2004a. Languages are vanishing, as we speak. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). February, 2004. Seattle, WA.

2004b. The Importance of endangered languages to linguistic theory: Vowel harmony. Linguistic Society of America. January, 2004. Chicago, IL.

2003. Abstractness in Turkic vowel harmony systems. Linguistic Society of America. January, 2003. Atlanta, GA.

2002. The Evolution of vowel harmony: A Model and agent-based simulation. EvoLang. March, 2002.

2001a. Language endangerment and the language-ecology interface of Siberian reindeer herders. American Anthropological Association. December, 2001. Washington, DC.

2001b. Altaic vowel harmony: Agree or Align? West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 25. March, 2001.

2001c. Epenthesis, harmony and the emergence of ‘reserve’ constraints. Linguistic Society of America. January, 2001. Washington, DC.

2000. When the optimal output isn’t: Velar deletion in Siberian Turkic. Linguistic Society of America. January, 2000. Chicago, IL.

1999a. Harmony, disharmony and underspecification. 2nd Asian G.L.O.W. (Generative Linguistics in the Old World) Nanzan University. September, 1999. Nagoya, Japan.

1999b.Reduplication and the hidden phonology of Tuvan. SCIL 11 at University of Texas. May, 1999. Austin, TX.

Drs. Anderson and Harrison: Co-presentations

2010 Linguists, speakers and the media. Panel Talk. Linguistic Society of America panel talk, Baltimore, MD.

2006 Ethnographically-informed, community-based documentation of endangered languages. Poster Session. Linguistic Society of America, Albuquerque, NM.

2006. Hunter-gatherers speaking the language of pastoralists: The case of the Tofa of south-central Siberia. Seminar on Historical Linguistics of Hunter-Gatherer communities. Leipzig, Germany.

2005 Na(t)ive orthographies and language endangerment. Poster session. Linguistic Society of America. Oakland, CA.

2005b. Language documentation and last generation speakers. Progress in Endangered Language Research. Nijmegen, Netherlands.

2004 Na(t)ive Orthographies: Recent findings from Central Siberia. Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association. Portland, OR.

2000 Turkic languages of the Altai-Sayan: A field report. Linguistic Society of America. Chicago, IL.

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